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Shed Old Skin to Find the Power Within | Aquarius Full Moon 2021 Astro Forecast

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Full Moon blessings to all of you! The Aquarius Full Moon happens on Friday, July 23rd at 9:37 pm CST. I hope you used this time to reflect on Cancer season and how you were able to cleanse and purify areas of your life so you can continue your journey for the remainder of 2021. Now that we are approaching Leo season beginning July 22nd, it is time for us to embrace the lion/lioness within. To be bold but also compassionate. With the Moon in the opposing/sister sign of the Leo Sun, Aquarius, we can shine a light on who we are by finding our authenticity and embracing our uniqueness. To enhance our creativity and think outside the box to show how innovative we are. This Full Moon energy is also called the Blessing Moon. The gift of life is to express ourselves without fear or doubt, to have nothing but faith in our calling. So during this Aquarius Full Moon, shed old skin to receive the ultimate blessings from the Universe.

The Sun is also opposing Saturn Rx (retrograde) in Aquarius and Pluto Rx in Capricorn. Both Saturn Rx and Pluto Rx are conjunct with the Full Moon. This energy plays on our emotions by using the wisdom we have gained from our teacher, Saturn, to continue to transform to our highest potential with Pluto Rx. This conjunction brings harmony and structure to our minds to transmute anything that is holding us back. Chiron Rx in Aries (which began on July 15th) may also play a part in our transformation by allowing us to revisit old triggers, trauma, and hardships to further heal and instill wisdom, balance, and boundaries.

There will be tension between us trying to create this new version of ourselves with Saturn in Aquarius squared Uranus in Taurus. This aspect is to challenge but not to defeat us. We have what we need to embrace the obstacles and be victorious. I envision this as the Six of Wands energy in the tarot. Saturn wants to know that we have learned our lessons and can navigate through any obstacle that is in the way of our stability.

The next aspect is the Sun in Leo trine with Neptune Rx in Pisces. To create with an innovative mind, we have to open our consciousness through our imagination and intuition. Working to develop these skills can consist of, but not limited to, connecting to the third eye through divination (tarot, oracle, scrying, automatic writing, etc.), visualization, meditations, dream work, and astral projection. By developing the intuitive/psychic abilities, we can be a clear vessel when communicating with the spirit realm with Neptune Rx in Pisces trine Mercury in Cancer. Both water elements work together to offer a beautiful flow.

During this Aquarius Full Moon, blessings can also come in the form of prosperity. With Jupiter Rx in Pisces opposing both Mars in Leo and Venus in Virgo, we can uncover hidden or missed opportunities by incorporating our masculine and feminine energies to achieve success and recognition. Part of Fortune conjunct with Venus in Virgo shows if we take our time to nurture our gifts and talents giving to us by the Divine, we will see an increase in our purpose through the form of abundance.

For this Leo season, embrace the power inside! Be fierce, bold, and loving.

Shed old skin to release

Heal the soul daily to find relief

Shed old skin, it’s time to renew

Have faith, our manifestations are coming true

So mote it be!


Mystic Storm

© 2021 Mystic Storm

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