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March 2022 Horoscopes

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

It's March and the energy is building up for the climax of the Spring Equinox and Astrological New Year. This freshness comes in for us to renew ourselves in different aspects of life. Check your Sun, Moon, Rising, and Venus signs to get a more detailed blueprint of the energy surrounding you this month.


Your season is coming up mid-month, Aries, Happy Birthday/Solar Return! The month will begin with insightful revelations of hidden truths with the Pisces New Moon on March 2nd. Your intuitive senses may be heightened at this time, and you can pick up on energies that you normally are unaware of. Pay attention to the symbols in your dreams and see if they also manifest in the physical realm in subtle ways. An example would be seeing the Yin-Yang symbol in your dream and noticing the balance you have in your relationships. Also, this can be a great time for introspection and healing so embrace alone time (even if it’s due to canceled plans).

After the end of the first week in March, you may sense an uptick in your social life with Venus and Mars entering into Aquarius on March 6th. This would be a great time to hang out with friends, go to an event to network, or even join a group that interests you. By putting yourself out there you have the chance to make meaningful connections that will support your desires and goals.

While connecting with people (romantically, platonically, and in business), be aware of the energy surrounding the situation at hand. You may have some tough conversations that may be triggering to either you or the other person. Tap into Mercury’s energy as it enters Pisces of March 9th and the 2nd quarter moon in Gemini on the 10th to look at the situation from an eagle’s eye view. That way you can use your discernment to uncover the underlying truths and transmute the energy to communicate in a way that stimulates healing and growth.

By the coming of the Virgo Full Moon on March 18th, you may feel drawn to focus more on the function of your life and will begin to analyze and organize to have more structure. Make sure you are aware of your emotional state during this process: are you operating from an empowered or disempowered state? If you are feeling more on the lines of insecurity, shame, or guilt mentally changing the narrative will empower you to have healthier and more realistic goals for yourself without pressure.

Being proactive and planning can set you up for success as we enter your season, Aries, on March 20th, the Spring Equinox. This is the season of renewal and rebirth so having clear intentions will result in fruitful manifestations to come. If you bring more awareness to what you're wanting to call into your life you can easily pinpoint the “weak” areas that need tending to. You can utilize the 4th quarter Moon in Capricorn on March 25 to develop long-lasting changes in your life that may affect your career and finances for the better. However, be mindful of your self-talk while you are going through this change with Mercury entering into Aries on March 27th. It is encouraged that you include affirmations and inspirational content to steadily build your confidence.


At the start of the month, you may be hyper-fixated on your self-image and may be sensitive to criticism due to the Pisces New Moon on March 2nd. Be mindful and grounded to release the emotional build-up from trigger statements. Focusing on self-care will strengthen your confidence to face any battle.

You may feel called to take time to retreat and close yourself off from the world with Venus and Mars entering into Aquarius on March 6th. You could use this time of solitude for healing, growth, and self-development. Reaching new heights of enlightenment will deepen your sense of who you are and what you truly stand for. You may be surprised that your views on love, career, and what you deem value may change around this time. After this self-reflection, you can communicate and express yourself more authentically with Mercury entering into Pisces on March 9th.

As you are horning in skills that will shape you into a better version of yourself, you may sense more harmony within your home and family around the 2nd quarter Moon in Gemini on March 10th. Take advantage of this nurturing energy to fuel and deepen your relationships because by the Virgo Full Moon on the 18th you may sense a shift in relationships where there once was tension. Celebrate this moment and fully enjoy the bliss of reconciliation.

When the Sun enters Aries on the 20th your focus may turn toward your finances, career, and your routine. Be aware of how you handle the changes you may have to make. During the Spring Equinox you may be unable to wrap your head around how you’re going to implement these changes with your already tight schedule, but know that you have to get rid of some things to make room for the new.

The changes to your routine can affect your social life. If may feel that you don’t have enough time to enjoy spending time with your friends or go to events with the 4th quarter Moon in Capricorn. However, if you want to have more structure in your life to accomplish your goals you will make the temporary sacrifice. Tending to your vision by coming up with innovative ideas will assist in bringing your desires for a more abundant life into the physical realm while Mercury enters Aries on March 27th. If you grab hold of your life you can shape it into something more than could’ve ever imagined.


The month of March can be full of possibilities for you, Gemini. With the Pisces New Moon on March 2nd, you may have the urge to set your intentions around your fiancees and career. You may want to receive a promotion, switch careers, or even start a business of your own. Whichever you decided to do, make sure it is something you are passionate about and find fulfillment in. You may discover what your purpose is this month if you don’t already know. With Mars and Venus conjunction in the sign of Aquarius beginning March 6, you may feel more confident in putting yourself out there. Also, you may examine how you show up in the world and have a better understanding of your worth. Don’t sell yourself short; go for what you truly desire this month.

Planning out your tasks and goals or having an intense brainstorm session can serve you well around the time Mercury enters Pisces on March 9. This will bring a spark of creative energy that will help you through the waxing phase on the Moon with the 2nd quarter Moon in your sign on March 10th. You may find that ideas flow naturally around this time and if you truly put action behind them they will benefit you financially.

By the time the Virgo Full Moon arrives on March 18th, there will be illumination on what you need to further increase your finances. Be open to any opportunity that may come to mind or fall on your lap. This situation may have you re-evaluating your beliefs and values. Release the fear and limiting mindset to transform and prosper.

This energy frees your mind even more as the Spring Equinox approaches on March 20th. You may find that you are more sociable and willing to express yourself without seeking validation from your family members and friends. This is also a great time to check out different events and groups in your area or online to connect with like-minded people. These connections have the possibility of making long-term bonds and partnerships (business and romantic).

Towards the end of the month, you might want to take some time out to be in solitude around the 4th quarter Moon in Capricorn after all the socializing you’ve done. While reflecting on this month, you should be able to notice a shift in your life. You may have completed a cycle in your life that kept you stagnant and hopeless. Show gratitude for this transformation in your life and continue to express yourself in ways that fulfill you. With Mercury entering Aries on the 27th, you’ll notice your communication and creativity will begin to come from a more authentic pace. Embrace this newness and keep fueling your dreams.


March starts with the watery energy of the Pisces New Moon on the 2nd. This can have a strong pull on you mentally so it would be wise to bring your awareness toward your thoughts. If you are overthinking and scattered, get grounded by using forms of meditation and/or taking a nice relaxing spiritual bath. It would be beneficial to utilize or brush up on your self-care routine because can come in handy when you have to interact with others.

Once you gain more clarity you will be able to bring more structure into your daily routine and protect your energy more. Remember to not overextend yourself, even when it comes to your family. Healthy boundaries are key in having a good month. With Mars and Venus in conjunction in the sign of Aquarius beginning on March 6th, you may sense more balance and harmony within your masculine and feminine energies. You will have more energy to tend to things you put on the back burner due to being imbalanced or burned out. Embrace this energy to enforce better habits that will benefit your overall health.

Now if you are more aware of what was causing the burnout and established better boundaries with yourself and others you can begin to focus back on yourself. By doing this you will feel more vitalized and will no longer suffer from brain fog. As Mercury enters Pisces on March 9th followed by the 2nd quarter Moon in Gemini on the 10th, you can begin to see healthier habits take root or you may realize that it is time for a change. This is a good time to analyze your health and fiancees and see what systems you can tweak or implement to create positive change in your life.

By the coming of the Virgo Full Moon on the 18th can exhale and celebrate the victories (big or small) you’ve made so far to change your life. You may be interested in doing more studying. This can also look like taking a course on holistic health, organizing, and planning, or even business. Know that being knowledgeable will help you go the distance in your transformation. This can open you up to the energy of rebirth and renewal with the Spring Equinox on March 20th.

During the waning phase of the moon cycle, you may feel as if you can’t let go of the person you once were. Begin to release the old perceptions you had about yourself around the 4th quarter Moon in Capricorn on March 25th to welcome in your new identity. You may begin to feel more comfortable with the new you while Mercury is in Aries beginning March 27th.


The beginning of the month starts with the Pisces New Moon on March 2nd and the energies will hit you close to home. Be mindful of the role you play in your home, and how you can positively affect change. Your actions can bring the necessary healing and closure to situations that have caused a lot of tension in your life.

Change all begins with the mind and with Mars and Venus harmoniously conjunction in the sign of Aquarius starting March 6 you may find it easier to navigate your emotions this month. This is a good time to revisit conservations that were not resolved between you and your siblings or friends. By being mentally grounded, you can communicate in a way that will lay a better foundation for those relationships (Mercury enters Pisces March 9th).

With the Moon waxing to the 2nd quarter phase in Gemini, this transformation within you based on how you communicate and your new perception will continue to have a positive effect on your relationships. Some of you may get proposed to during this month or even decide to renew your vows if you are already married, This energy can also affect you financially. You may finally close a deal on a project, decide to go into business with someone or renegotiate the terms within a business contract.

By the time the moon reaches its apex during the Virgo Full Moon on March 18th, you can reflect on the growth you’ve made so far. You can be confident that the healthy habits you are implementing in your life can stick with you as long as you are mindful and disciplined in achieving your desired goal.

Some goals that you may be working towards are centered around your love life and expressing yourself creatively. You may have more momentum into seeing things into fruition with the Spring Equinox/ the Sun entering Aries on March 20th. However, be mindful that you aren’t hyper-focused in these areas because it can cause imbalances.

As the Moon wanes to the last quarter Moon in Capricorn on March 25, your focus may shift to focusing on your financial goals. This would be a good time to evaluate how much time and energy you are putting towards a project or job to see if it is truly worth your time. You may find that it might be a simpler solution to have you are approaching your priorities, and putting your structure into your workflow can provide the efficiency you need. That way you can make more room to do things that bring you happiness and stimulate your child-like spirit with Mercury entering Aries on March 27th.


The Pisces New Moon beginning the month on March 2nd can ignite the passion inside of you, Virgo. If you are in a union, plan a getaway or staycation with activities that will spice up your intimacy. You may be interested in introducing some tantric practice into your relationship. If you are single, this may be a time where you meet a potential partner, or you and someone you’ve been dating take things to the next level.

Going with the flow and being open to new possibilities can work out in your favor with Mars and Venus moving together in the sign of Aquarius beginning March 6. Enjoying yourself and being fully present can bring healing and nurturing energy to you and your family. This is also a great time to do some self-care rituals and ancestor veneration because as you heal you are also healing your lineage.

You may find it easier to express what you desire and leave behind old mindsets that blocked you from being fulfilled with Mercury entering Pisces on March 9. By the coming of the 2nd quarter Moon in Gemini, you may feel empowered to go against the gain and emerge to your full potential. Don't hold back the feeling of deep intimacy (with yourself or a partner) as you can unlock hidden truths that can help you manifest prosperity and abundance.

In potent energy that surrounds you can have an impact on those, you associate with, and around the Virgo Full Moon on the 18th you may be able to see glimpses of your manifestations unfolding. Celebrate as your future will be bright.

You may also have an urge to evaluate a different aspect of your life and notice that you have to make some necessary changes for you to help usher in your new beginning with the Spring Equinox on March 20th. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Make sure you are easing into the lifestyle changes so they can become habitual. You can utilize the 4th quarter Moon in Capricorn on March 25th to release any limiting beliefs you have about bringing stability into your life. By doing this you can see a difference in your perception of life and those close to you may also acknowledge your efforts to be the best version of yourself with Mercury entering Aries on the 27th.


At the start of the month, Libra, you may sense an urge to reevaluate systems you have in place that help you function day-to-day. The Pisces New Moon on March 2nd can assist you with this. Write out your goals (especially around health and work) to create a plan of action for yourself. You may begin to see that the changes you are implementing to your life allow you more time to sit back, relax, and indulge in what pleases you with Venus and Mars conjunction in the sign on Aquarius beginning March 6th. After you can unwind, this can be a great time to catch up with friends or sign up for a new social group.

You may also feel that it is easier to express yourself and having meaningful conversations with your romantic partner or loved ones will bring the closure you are seeking. Remember to stay grounded and firm within yourself to ensure you are basing your claims on facts and not scenarios you conjured up in your head while being in the energy of Mercury entering Pisces on March 9th

As the Moon increases insight with the 2nd quarter in Gemini on March 10th, so does your wisdom and thirst for knowledge. Take some time out to research, read (or reread) a book, watch tutorials, etc. to refine your skills. You may also be traveling around this time or you might be planning your next trip. By the coming of the Full Moon on March 18th, you may feel that it is time for you to retreat and do some self-care. Reflection during this time will serve you well and you can piece your journey together to have a deeper understanding of the lessons and hardships you’ve faced. Taking mental notes and acknowledging an end to a cycle will serve you well as the Spring Equinox begins on March 20th.

As the Moon is waning, bringing your attention to removing any blockage or negativity around your living environment will be beneficial. As you cleanse your physical space you can begin cleansing your inner world by releasing emotions that do not align with your health. If you are into ancestral veneration, lighting a white candle for them would be a nice touch because most of your trauma (physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional) is generational. If you are not familiar with doing ancestor work, looking into your roots and asking your family questions about your ancestor may be of interest to you around this time. (4th quarter Moon in Capricorn on March 25).

Taking this time for retrospect, cleansing, and healing can bring positive energy around with relationships (romantic, platonic, and business) with Mercury entering into Aries on March 27th. You will be able to communicate in a more authentic way to express yourself. Just make sure you are considerate of others and are not too confrontational.


Scorpios, the Pisces New Moon on March 2nd can bring a lot of healing and closure to your relationships at this time. Be mindful, grounded, and secure within yourself to use discernment. The energy may be fickle and can easily slip you into a state of confusion and indecisiveness.

Paying attention to your health and fitness can assist in minding mental clarity with Mars and Venus conjunct in Aquarius starting March 6th. You may feel that getting a personal trainer, going to yoga or mediation classes, or getting an accountability partner will give you the extra lift you need to jump-start or fine-tune your practices. This transformation in your health journey will give you the added confidence you need to express yourself. You may even find that you have more creativity at this time or your writer’s block has cleared up.

As the moon grows to the second quarter moon in Gemini on March 10th, so does your discipline and structure. You may be interested in enrolling in a course to improve your career or business, planning to change careers, or may receive promotion during this time. Though change and transformation can be difficult, it is in your nature, Scorpio. Embrace and celebrate during the Virgo Full Moon on March 18th that there will be bright new beginnings ahead.

This energy will set you up perfectly for the Spring Equinox on the 20th. This will put you in a primal state to drive deep into your senses to create your visions and goals with passion. This is a time when the new identity that you have been crafting is recognized by people around you. This will even affect your romantic life. While you are releasing and shedding your old self, the 4th quarter moon in Capricorn energy can help you can integrate more playful habits that will benefit the health of your relationship long-term.

Lastly, with Mercury entering into Aries on March 27th you may sense it would be wise to go over your fiancees. Calling your bank, asking for an extension on a payment, or reviewing documentation for your taxes can help you in managing any hidden debts.


A lot of creative and sexual energy may surround you, Sagittarius, as the Pisces New Moon kicks off the month on March 2nd. Be open to any mysteries in your life being revealed and use your creativity to rise above any issue. With Mars and Venus conjunct in the sign of Aquarius, you can expect more harmony and growth within your relationships. You may find yourself more outgoing during this time and this can be a great time to network for your business or creative projects.

With Mercury in Pisces starting March 9th, you can express yourself more freely. You may have experienced a lot of setbacks and blockages due to limiting beliefs, but this energy can help bring closure to that cycle and free you up to be more receiving.

During the 2nd quarter Moon in Gemini on March 10th, you may feel a surge of energy to go after your dreams. Ride the wave and plant your intentions for the future. Writing down your creative ideas to save them for a later date will be beneficial. Maybe you're starting a new business or wanting to refine yours; this is also a great time to create or revamp a business plan or proposal.

By the coming of the Virgo Full Moon on the 18th, you may sense that you are more in alignment to achieve your financial goals. Adapt new concepts into your daily routine to set yourself up for financial success. This can also be a good time to review any subscriptions and cancel any you no longer use to increase your budget.

As we get into the Spring Equinox on March 20th embrace this energy of renewal by focusing on horning in your gift and talents. Before jumping into a new routine that can benefit you in learning to refine your talents, make a mental note to ease yourself into it with the 4th quarter Moon in Capricorn on March 25th. Be gentle during this process. With Mercury entering into Aries on March 27 your thought process may begin to clear up resulting in you gaining the insight and guidance necessary for you to advance in skill.


Capricorn, the beginning of the month for you may start a bit turbulent with the Pisces New Moon on March 2. You may be planning a trip or planning to go back to school or take a course. Make sure to take things slow and keep a hyper-focused awareness as the Pisces energy may leave a veil over truths that you may miss. With Mars and Venus inconjunct in the sign of Aquarius on March 6th, you can be open to the future of the possibles surrounding your finances so any anxiety that may come up will be relinquished.

Your prospective may begin to shift with the energy of Mercury in Pisces on March 9th. Your intuition may be heightened which will provide internal closure on any situation that may be bothering you. Appreciate the eagle eye view Spirit is giving you at this time as it will bring you more wisdom and enlightenment. As the Moon is waxing to its 2nd quarter in Gemini on March 10th, a healing balm may come over you. This will assist in how you express yourself to others. This would be a good time to settle any disputes with your siblings or friends. Remember, holding things in will affect your overall health.

Speaking your truth can open up many avenues for you. This may even clear up any blockages you may have when it comes around to putting yourself out there to achieve certain goals. With the Virgo Full Moon on March 18th, you can celebrate the fact that you’ve made mental breakthroughs that will change the structure of your life long term. Embrace and give gratitude for this newfound clarity.

This happens in Divine timing with the Spring Equinox on March 20th. The energy of renewal surrounds you in a way that is prevalent to others. You may shift your focus on rebranding yourself or your business/passion projects to rightly reflect what you stand for. As the Moon moves to its 4th quarter in your sign, Capricorn may you begin to bring your well-structured manner into the aspects of your love life and relationships. Open your heart to be more compassionate during this process of releasing old habits that no longer serve the relationships. With this openness, you may find that your relationships are more rooted in their foundation. This may also ignite passionate and creative conversations within your romantic and business relationships with Mercury entering into Aries on March 27th.


The Pisces New Moon beginning the month on March 2nd may reveal some areas in your life that may need some fine-tuning. Take the time to be intentional in how you’re planning your month. As Mars and Venus enter your sign, Aquarius, on March 6 you may notice if you take some time to research, schedule, and create a plan of action you may notice that all the blockages you had before will be able to flow almost effortlessly.

With Mercury entering into Pisces on March 9th and as the moon swells to the 2nd Quarter Moon in Gemini on March 10th, your mindset may shift into really focusing on your identity and your appearance. This may also be a good time to change up your style to authentically represent who you see yourself as.

The Full Moon in Virgo on March 18th can be a time where you examine your home your relationship with your family members and how it ties into your self-care. By doing this it can help with your social awareness and how to show up for the world. Establishing your balanced state be can assist in manifesting your future that may involve you being of service to your community. You may sense you evolving into another version of yourself with the Spring Equinox on March 20th. Embrace this newness that will fuel your transformational growth.

As the Moon enters Capricorn in its 4th quarter on March 25, this may be a good time to do your taxes or come up with a better budget plan. This can set you up financially to support you in manifesting your desires with Mercury in Aries beginning March 27th.


It’s still your season for the first half of the month, Pisces; Happy Birthday/solar return! The New Moon in your sign starts the month (March 2nd) off positively which can give you hope for the future. With the harmonious conjunct of Mars and Venus in the sign of Aquarius on March 6th, this energy can help you long-term in creating a firm foundation for your goals. Taking time to plan your actions can result in you being more efficient and having more stamina to see things through.

Mercury entering Pisces on March 9th may have you in a mental state of flow. Bring awareness to any innovative and creative ideas you have as this can assist you in accomplishing your goals and aspiration. The second quarter Moon in Gemini on March 10th energy backs this up by possibly creating opportunities that can benefit you financially. Be open to talking about your talents and gifts with others. This can result in networking to land a profitable collaboration.

The Virgo Full Moon on March 18th may heighten the passion inside you, Pisces, that can unleash your inner child. Embrace this energy and use it to your advantage. Planning or being surprised with a romantic or fun evening from your partner or for yourself may be something you’re interested in at this time. Relax, celebrate and enjoy yourself; you deserve it.

With the Spring Equinox on March 20th, you may get a heavy hit when it comes to endings and closing out old cycles. Putting your focus on yourself and how this change can improve your life will help you in embracing this new chapter with open arms.

Taking time to unwind can bring you back into a state of balance. You may decide to make a spontaneous trip or decide to indulge in a staycation with the 4th Quarter Moon in Capricorn on March 25th. And as Mercury enters Aries on the 27th you may notice a new sense of clarity.

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