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High Tides Expose Shadow Sides | Cancer New Moon 2021 Astro Forecast

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

New Moon blessings, everyone! As I went into meditation for messages on the Cancer New Moon happening Friday, July 9th at 8:17 CST, I saw high ocean tides rolling in the depths of our shadows we try to hide. It is up to us to pick up those skeletons (shadow aspects of ourselves) that roll up on shore to cleanse, nurture, and bring light (awareness) to them. In doing this, we are purging out what no longer serves us to progress forward throughout the rest of 2021. The Cancer symbol is the crab, and all I can think about is its protective shell. Yes, we have to stay protected, but sometimes we have to crack open our shell of protection to realize the shields we have up are no longer needed. It is acceptable to be sensitive, emotional, and vulnerable; it is all a part of the healing process.

That brings us to the astrology chart. The first aspect that sticks out to me is the opposition of Saturn Rx (retrograde) in Aquarius with Mars and Venus in Leo. With Saturn in retrograde, there are lessons that we are learning during this time, and there are issues that resurface that we have to tend to for us to mature and gain wisdom. However, our ego gets in the way of our progression because it does not want to change any habits. Making Saturn (which is like a parental figure) find strategic ways to teach us lessons. Reflect on the areas in your life where you are receiving the most tension. Meditate on Saturn's energy to reveal any test and how you can use what you have learned to progress to the next level.

It is almost as if Saturn Rx in the third house is playing mind games with us with this planet being squared with Uranus in Taurus in the sixth house. The tension that we are feeling will assist in us gaining more stability in the lessons we are learning. Therefore, whenever spontaneous chaos occurs with Uranus energy, we are mentally prepared to endure any battle. And there will be battles to face because Mars and Venus in Leo in the seventh house are square with Uranus in Taurus. These battles may be in regards to romantic partnerships, but they can settle if both partners make an effort to talk through issues to establish harmony with the conjunction of Mars and Venus in Leo in the seventh house.

We may be very analytical about the emotions we are feeling and how others view us with the Sun and Moon conjunct in the sign of Cancer in the sixth house. However, if we let go and be more vulnerable and sensitive, we can dive deep into mysticism and fantasy with the Sun and Moon trine Neptune Rx in Pisces in the second house. The watery elements of Cancer and Pisces help heal any relationship difficulties and help us tap into and enhance our psychic abilities (especially since the Moon card in the Tarot is the energy of Cancer). Please note, if you are working on your craft and trying new things, make sure you protect yourself as you may come in contact with tricker spirits with Neptune Rx in Pisces squared with Mercury in Gemini.

We may also hit roadblocks trying to communicate with the spirit realm due to excessive behavior/habits we are indulging in. To have clear(er) messages come through, consider fasting or removing denser/processed foods, and staying hydrated to be a clear channel. This cleansing process will help our overall transformation since Neptune Rx in Pisces is sextile with Pluto Rx in Capricorn. To transform, we need to develop the self-discipline to combat any test we face when wanting to escape our day-to-day.

Anything that we are working on manifesting is obtainable with Jupiter Rx in Pisces trine Mercury in Gemini. When doing your New Moon rituals, make sure you are clear and precise in what you would like to bring into your life and communicate that with the universe through petition, prayer, chants, and words of affirmation. Remember when the high tides roll in, do not hide what washes up to the shore; embrace it by nurturing it to heal.


Mystic Storm

© Copyright 2021 by Mystic Storm

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