Your Horoscope for the Virgo Full Moon 2024

Your Horoscope for the Virgo Full Moon 2024

Never fear the darkness, for in it lies the power to create. - Brandon Sanderson, “The Way of Kings” (2010)


As we are getting acclimated into Pisces season, the Virgo Full Moon comes in as a beacon of light. This energy can illuminate aspects of ourselves that need some extra attention or care. Depending on what side of the spectrum you're on, you may feel motivated or defeated. If you are feeling uneasy at this time, know that you are feeling this way for a reason so don't try to run from what's coming up. Embrace what's illuminated and release limiting beliefs around it.


Your Virgo Full Moon Horoscope

Read your horoscope through the lenses of your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs. Gain insights into the evolving version of yourself through your Sun sign, reflect on your current state through your Rising sign, and seek guidance on nurturing your emotions and inner child by connecting with your Moon sign.

To dive deeper, check your Venus sign for insights into love and money, your Mars sign to see where you should place your focus to take proper action, and your North Node to see where you are being guided.




There is a lot of newness coming your way and you want to make sure you are prepared. This is a great time to look at your relationship with certain people, places, or things. What are you consuming or subscribing to? Is it good for your health? With this energy, you can even take a deeper look into how you show up in these areas of life. Is this particular thing conducive to your growth? Do you feel like something is missing? This energy can be useful because you can pinpoint issues and come up with solutions to solve them, but this can also cause tension within various relationships. Make sure you are being practical about any issues and try to reach common ground. Also, practice compassion and be considerate when resolving conflict. 



The Virgo Full Moon can have you pumped up and ready to go! You may finally gain the confidence to do something you’ve been putting off like going to the gym or signing up for a program to get certified. Also, your creativity can feel heightened at this time. Utilize this energy as best as you can to create whatever you feel called. Hobbies may pick up and turn into a business over time if you stick with it. Trust you have what it takes to see this through. If you are having doubts due to the market being over-saturated, this is where you can use your creativity to your advantage. Make sure to put your own spin and flavor on things. 



Take this full moon to rest and relax; you deserve it! Once you tap into your self-care you will gain the momentum needed to focus on your craft. This is a good time to declutter your home and get rid of anything that no longer serves you. With this, you may develop the concept “less is more” and may even begin a minimalistic journey. Also, this can be a fertile time for you, and may also decide to use this time to conceive or create something new.



Whatever is on your mind you need to speak your truth. You could be holding onto something that has been affecting you for a long time but you kept quiet to keep the peace. It’s ok to shake things up every now and then to level the playing field and build on a firm foundation. You may need to take a mental break to take it easy or you may be on the opposite side where ideas are flowing through you. If this is the case, you may want to take up journaling, write a memoir,  start a podcast, or create a platform for yourself where your voice cannot be silenced. 



Pay attention to your dreams and any thoughts that arise during this time. You may get blessed with some million-dollar ideas in this season. Are you going to take action on them or are you going to let your bad habits get in the way of you achieving your goals? This is where awareness is key. If you have trouble in this area, developing a meditative practice can help you. Also, this is a good time to brush up on your negotiation skills especially if you are going for a promotion or interview. 



Things are opening up for you and it may seem surreal. Take it all in because with all the hard work you’ve been putting in, you deserve this! New beginnings and up levels in career and finances are here. You may be implementing a new routine into your life and are pumped up and motivated. Make sure to pace yourself so your enthusiasm doesn’t die quickly. The main thing with this is to find a healthy balance with all this newness in your life. Know that you cannot pour from an empty cup. If you are not putting yourself first, you will not be able to show up for others.




Hold on tight, Libra, because you may be in for a ride and experiencing some major endings and new beginnings in your life. Depending on what side of the spectrum you’re on, this energy can feel blissful or challenging. These changes could be happening with your relationships, your spiritual beliefs, values, and your overall identity or approach to life. Be gentle with yourself during this time. Your energy levels may not be the best so don’t try to push yourself. So that means it’s ok to take that afternoon nap. 



Do you feel a shift of energy in your life? You may even feel like you are between two worlds and are in limbo. This Virgo Full Moon is closing out karmic cycles when it comes to your relationship(s) and who you surround yourself with. You may feel some resistance to these changes and may even feel a bit triggered. It would be good to carve out some alone time to sort out your feelings and listen to where you are being guided. Also, researching and finding resources that assist you in this time of healing will be beneficial. You may discover that you’re holding onto some limiting beliefs that need to be released. 



The pressure could be on you to bring your dreams to fruition. Don’t stress yourself out too much, especially when you can just enjoy the journey instead. Trust that you’ll buckle down and get it down regardless of any challenges that may come your way. The key is to have a good work-life balance; it’s ok to go out and have some fun every now and then. Also, you may be reevaluating your friends or social groups you are in to see if they match the frequency you are up-leveling to. Remember that you can’t take everyone with you. 



The spotlight is on you, Capricorn! Inspire and be inspired. You are being called to lead in a major way. Don’t back down from the opposition. It’s your time to see all that the world has to offer you. You may be stepping into guru status but there could be some anxiety or hesitation around it. Don’t let imposter syndrome get in the way of your destiny. Also, remember there is no need to rush this process, but there must be strategic planning and movement to see change. 



There may be mysteries to uncover this full moon and you’re the one to solve them. Major spiritual upgrades are here that will have you questioning your beliefs and faith. Don’t be afraid to go down the rabbit hole and face the depths of your soul. Spend some time in solitude to meditate on what your values are so you can have definite boundaries when it comes to certain subjects and people. Researching topics that pique your interest can also help in discovering new perspectives that you may want to implement. Also, Divine Intervention may be at play in your travel plans so try to stay calm if any changes or delays come up.



Happy Birthday/ Solar Return, Pisces! You may realize that you have to make a lot of changes in your life to see the results you want. For some, this means you can’t bring everyone with you in this new season. For others, this can be deeper levels of commitment in partnerships of all forms. This means you also have to take a deep look within yourself to healthily accept this newness in your life and clear out any unhealthy patterns you have. Use this potent full moon to help you release any attachments or limiting beliefs to old ways of being when it comes to relationships and your self-worth. Also, old contracts can come back around which can reveal hidden money or debt. Trust that you will know how to best handle the circumstances you’re currently in to see this challenge through. 

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