Your Horoscope for the Leo Full Moon 2024

Your Horoscope for the Leo Full Moon 2024


 If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough. - unknown


The Leo Full Moon shines bright with boldness on January 25, 2024, at 12:54 pm ET. This moon brings a level of fierceness that we all need on a collective level. Celebrate, go have fun, tap into your creativity, and let your inner child be free! Be confident that you can take action; especially any new ideas you may have.

 However, as we may all know, we have a range of emotions, and depending on where you are on that spectrum, you or people you know may lash out. This is a time to exercise compassion with yourself and with others and come up with creative solutions that will benefit both parties involved.

 Another key thing you can do around this time is do ground and center yourself to promote emotional balance. This can look like any form of meditation; breathwork, going for a walk, reading a book, cooking, painting, or simply tapping into your creativity and doing something you enjoy. Also, release what no longer serves you, especially fear.

Whatever the Leo Full Moon may illuminate with her bold beauty, accept what you cannot control, and focus on the change you want to implement into your life. And remember, be fiercely and uniquely you!


Your Leo Full Moon Horoscope

Read your horoscope through the lenses of your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs. Gain insights into the evolving version of yourself through your Sun sign, reflect on your current state through your Rising sign, and seek guidance on nurturing your inner child by connecting with your Moon sign. 

To dive deeper, check your Venus sign for insights into love and money, your Mars sign to see where you should place your focus to take proper action, and your North Node to see where you are being guided.



Instead of hitting a night on the town, you may want to stay in and get cozy. While you’re there, make a nice meal and make sure you tap into your self-care rituals. Spend time reflecting to reminisce, redecorate, or create an ancestral altar. Make sure you dish them out a plate of food too. Also, there may be some repressed emotions that will be exposed. Ride the wave and allow yourself to feel. This will assist you in building up the courage to set better boundaries with your loved ones. If you are feeling more rageful, find constructive ways to release the energy.



Take it easy and show yourself some grace and compassion. Your senses may be heightened at this time as well. Tap in and trust the guidance your intuition is picking up on. Whatever you need to say get it off your chest. It may come out more passionate than you intended but don’t be afraid of being vulnerable. Avoiding airing out your feelings or even family drama on social media will be beneficial. You don’t want to be a "tweet and deleter" as Drake would say. You can do a releasing ritual by journaling how you feel and burning it. If you are afraid of confrontation, make sure you tap into meditation or breathwork before having a conversation.



Negotiation may be a big theme for you during this full moon. Use your wit and charm to get what you rightfully deserve. Also, you may be able to dive deep into your creative projects and if you put yourself out there you will see your hard work pay off. Conversations and thoughts about love, romance, and career may arise. Take this time to meditate on what you want for your life and see if your environment is a reflection of that. If not, do some spiritual work on removing blockages and limiting beliefs so you can get out of your own way. If you knew you would be supported, what would you do?



 Things may be opening up for you so this is a great time to celebrate and practice gratitude. This newness that has come over you will set you up for success. Go after that position, start that business, or implement new ways of being. You may even want to match your wardrobe or home with your new vibe. Go shopping or get creative and find ways to style the clothes or decorate your home with items you already have. There is no need to break your pockets; you can ball on a budget while you are finding ways to get your money up. 



This is your full moon, big shout out to you and the energy of Leo! Take some time to celebrate and let your hair down. You may feel that this energy is right on time because your sense of self and approach to life may be under a microscope. This energy has the potential to bring significant change to your identity by causing major endings in your life. Depending on what side of the spectrum you’re on, this can bring in either great joy or great sorrow. Either way, allow yourself to feel and have the strength to face whatever comes your way. You may want to channel those emotions into something you enjoy doing, like a passion project, to transmute the energy. 



This can be a highly creative time for you. A lot of ideas are flowing through you; make sure you jot them down because you may not be able to explore them at the moment, but you can revisit them later. Be open to collaborating with others to see growth and expansion without having to do everything yourself. The challenge with this is to instill healthy boundaries so you’ll know how to play well with others. You may tend to take control but allow room for others to share their input. You’ll be surprised at the insight they bring. If you are more passive, your challenge here is to speak up for yourself. Know that your ideas and what you want matters.  




 When it comes to your long-term goals, the best thing to do at this time is to release the outcome. You could be focusing on your career, spirituality, or even your love life. Whatever arena you are facing at this time you will succeed, so there’s no need to put unnecessary pressure on yourself. How can you adjust the approach you have to make it more calm and as seamless as possible? This is your moment to shine, especially in your career. You may be even called to travel to speak at a seminar. Embrace the recognition that comes with this energy, you deserve it!



You may feel the urge to dive deeper into a subject that interests you. Allow yourself to go down the rabbit hole and explore concepts with an open mind. This may even lead you to travel somewhere or connect with people in other states or countries to get fresh perspectives. If you come across any mental resistance, take some time to go within to work through limiting beliefs. Also, you may want to talk things over or even have a healthy debate with a colleague. With this full moon, you may be called to work more on releasing and cord-cutting so you can be open to the abundance that's coming to you.



Your life may be changing right before your eyes, and it can feel a bit unsettling. Release control and allow the Divine to guide you to your true north. This can mean changes and transformation within your career and relationships. Be gentle with yourself and others as this energy can stretch your resolve to love and to be compassionate. Also, you may be called to step into a leadership role. Take some time to meditate on how you want your life and relationships to be and allow Spirit to give you downloads on the best paths to take. Trust that you will have the courage to take this leap of faith.



Major changes are happening for you in your love life and overall connections. You may be reluctant but this energy requires you to keep an open mind. Secrets will be revealed to you or you may be called to speak your truth. Divine work is at play here so go with the flow of your heart, however, make sure you are bringing a sense of groundedness and practically into the mix. In your career and business, you may need to change your approach to have a better reach and influence. Explore your options and talk it over with trusted colleagues. Whatever comes, this energy will bring you good fortune when it’s all said and done.



Happy Birthday, my fellow Aquarius! This solar return, you may be called to revisit past relationships or connections to analyze what wasn’t working. This energy is present to make sure you don’t repeat the same patterns. If you have taken the time and put in the work, you will be able to spot themes or patterns that are no longer serving you and can adjust accordingly. Create or focus on your self-love rituals to keep you balanced and in alignment. Also, this can be old concepts you put on the back burner when it comes to your career or business. Utilize this energy to restructure, rebuild, and revise the aspects of life that are highlighted to you during this time. Doing so can unlock new levels of prosperity. 



All you want is to be recognized for your acts of service. This energy may call for you to come out of your shell more so you can be seen by those who will value your efforts. This may take some trial and error but don’t lose sight of your vision. Release the outcome and trust that external validation is on the way. Use this time to be creative and flexible, you’ll know once you’ve found your sweet spot. Let go of any extra pressure and enjoy the process. Also, you may want to get an emotional support animal or show your pet some extra love for all they bring into your life.  

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